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Q - Is Frightland scary?

A - Frightland is intended to be both scary and fun! We love to make you scream and have a good time. We DO NOT recommend Frightland for children under 12, which is the reason why there is no children's ticket.

Q - What time does Frightland open?

A - Please refer to our "Hours of Operation" page.

Q – Does it cost anything to park?

A – Yes. The parking fee is a donation. All parking proceeds go directly to The Leukemia Research Foundation of Delaware.

Q - What is the best time to arrive?

A - It is best to arrive as early as possible. Plan on spending 3 to 4 hours or more at Frightland. The closer it gets to Halloween, the lines will start to get longer. Get here early! If time is important, we recommend you purchase a VIP Speed Pass that will limit your wait time.

Q - What time does Frightland close?

A - Our ticket booth closes at 9PM on Saturday and Sunday. We will stay open an hour later (10PM) on Saturday October 11th, 18th, 25th. Click here for our calendar. Our haunted attractions are open until the last ticket holder goes through. Guest are given adequate time to finish attractions. The first attractions to close are Hayride, Raven Wood Cemetery, Fear and Zombie Town.

Q - Are the attractions open if it rains?

A - Frightland is open rain or shine and closes after all guests have experienced the attractions for which they hold tickets. The Haunted Hayride and Amusement Rides may be closed due to inclement weather. Attraction lines are tented but lightning and heavy rain may close all attractions. You may call
302-378-VAMP to listen if we are closing. There are no refunds if we close due to inclement weather. Your tickets will be honored on any remaining night of the season. Closing due to bad weather will be at the discretion of the staff at Frightland.

Q – If we do not make it through all the attractions in one night, can we come back another night?

A – Yes, the unused portion of your ticket is valid any night we are open during that season. The ticket must be intact and not be defaced or torn. The ride bracelets are only valid on the night the ticket was purchased.

Q- Can we ride only the hayride?

A - Yes, however the ticket price will remain the same. If you are only interested in the hayride, just make the ticket taker aware. You will be taken to the loading area for the hayride. At the end of the hayride, remain on the wagon and you will be brought back up


Q - Do you offer group discounts?

A- Yes, online only ( with 10 or more people. If your interested in scheduling a larger group, please call 302-838-0256 for more information.

Q - Do you take charge cards?

A - Yes, Frightland's ticket booth and gift shop accept MasterCard or Visa cards.

Q - How long does it take to go through everything?

A - Plan on spending a full evening. Just going though all the haunted attractions can take several hours, and that does not include wait time. The closer to Halloween, the lines do get longer and the wait times become longer. If time is important, we recommend you purchase a VIP Speed Pass that will limit your wait time. Guest are given adequate time to finish attractions.

Q - Is Frightland handicap accessible?

A - With the exception of the Attic, Frightland is ADA & MOD compliant. Handicap parking is available for those with a handicap tag. Please remember that several of our attractions are outdoors and in rough terrain. We recommend that you bring someone with you that can give you assistance as we may not have staff available to assist you.

Q - Is there a dress code?

A - Frightland is a working farm. Do not wear your best clothes or heels to impress the ghouls; they like you just the way you are! Sneakers or boots are the best footwear for the farm environment. If you get cold, you can purchase t-shirts or hoodies in The Little Shop of Horror gift shop.

Q - Can I bring my kids?

A - We recommend that children be 12 years old or older, but this is up to you. It really depends upon each individual child, and no one knows your child as you do. We have kids as young as 5 or 6 that love it and want more, and we have kids as old as 15 or 16 that have to be helped out. You as a parent must make the judgment call. If you are unsure, all children are welcome to our amusement midway. This is a safe zone - our monsters are on short leashes and are not permitted to roam the midway. That way the entire family can still come and enjoy Frightland. You can purchase ride bracelets for the younger children. We do not recommend bringing very young children or infants into Frightland as it can be chilly, damp, and loud.

Q - What is the children's price?

A - Frightland DOES NOT offer children's ticket for the nighttime events. We do not encourage children under 10 to visit the haunted attraction, but all children are welcome to our amusement midway. This is a safe zone - our monsters are on short leashes and are not permitted to roam the midway. That way the entire family can still come and enjoy Frightland. Our ticket price is the same for everyone regardless of age, however you can purchase just a ride bracelet.

Q - Is there food available?

A - There is a concession stand in front of Idalia Manor and several concession stands throughout the amusement midway area where you can purchase anything from drinks, sandwiches, or cotton candy!

Q - Is there security at Frightland?

A - Yes. Frightland has an outside security force that checks each person into the park and patrols the areas. Frightland has a ZERO tolerance rate for TROUBLE MAKERS. Trouble makers and their guests will be ejected from Frightland without a refund. We want everyone to have a safe and fun time! NO BACKPACKS, PACKAGES, COOLERS, PURSES, SHOPPING BAGS, DIAPER BAGS or BAGS OF ANY KIND (Only clear plastic bags permitted, all items must be visible - subject to search).

Q - Are there things I am not permitted to bring to Frightland?

A - Yes, our security officers do a metal detector scan on each guest as they are entering the park. The following items are NOT permitted at Frightland: weapons of any kind, alcohol beverages, outside food or beverages, flashlights, or pets. Customers may wear costumes; however they are NOT permitted to have their face disguised by a mask or makeup. Cameras are not permitted unless cleared with us first.

Q - How much does it cost parking cost?

A - We charge $5 for parking

Q - How can I get an answer to a question not answered here?

A - If you have a question that was not answered here, contact us via email at a or call us at 302.838.0256. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Q - How can I leave feedback, comments, and suggestions regarding Frightland?

A - Send us your comments via email at

For more information contact Debbie at 302-838-0256 or email